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We're excited to announce that the February 26th Release is now available! 
The ability to print multiple invoices on one check for a service provider is now available by enabling the Check Consolidation setting! We've also added the ability to change Auto-Waiver Language and have an additional option to delay when overnight collection and payment alert emails are sent to homeowners. 

A detailed list of everything released can be found in the February 26th Release Notes in the Vantaca Library.

Vantaca Home

Deliver an elevated community experience with Vantaca Home!

We're thrilled to introduce Vantaca Home – a new and improved homeowner portal designed to enhance the community experience. Learn more about Vantaca Home here.

Ready to roll out Vantaca Home to your communities? Contact your Customer Success Manager to choose your company's transition date.

(All clients will be required to transition to Vantaca Home prior to July 1, 2024.)